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Rough sawn lumber from past tree removals. Many species including walnut, ash, maple.

Custom sawing available for customers who are interested in lumber from their tree removal.

Lumber Products
High grade lumber
Trailer boards
Side boards
Burls and blanks
Kiln dried lumber available by request

Portable Mill
Warehouse Location – We keep busy sawing lumber even in inclement weather and after the sun goes down!

Custom Sawing – We can bring our sawmill anywhere (Moo!) and saw your logs to your specifications.

Stacked Lumber
  If it's logs you need sawing, the Lance Rigging sawmill can do it. No job is too small. From 18" to 1/8", we saw it all. We've got lumber, too. Choose from a great selection of logs and sawed lumber.


Lance Rigging has a great selection of logs and sawed lumber. From pallet wood to hickory, black walnut and oak, we've got lumber. Just ask.

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